Friday Finds: Cushions

Happy Friday! 

Ive had such a nice day today, I took a trip with my friend Caroline to Bury St. Edmunds, a town just outside of Cambridge where I live (I'll post the photos next week!). We had so much fun looking in the cute little shops at pretty homewears (and having yummy cakes in tea rooms!), so my Friday Finds this week is kind of inspired from todays trip where we has our beady eyes on cushions galore! What is it about having a home and just wanting to fill it with pretty cushions!?  Or in my case just making endless new covers for them... :-/  I can seriously just never have enough cushions I feel, and I know I'm not alone in this! ;D

Heres my round up of my favourite cushion finds from the web, most of which have been stored in my 'awesome' bookmark for some time! Enjoy and if you know any good sites to recommend for more then do share!

 10. John Lewis 11. Unique Boutique 12, 13 & 15. Donna Wilson 14. Next 16. Zilalila

Aha! new sites that made the 'awesome' list from this search; In The Seam Etsy shop, I love all of them! Unique Boutique, please someone knit me some pretty cushion covers!!! Donna Wilson, wow! all so cute! and Zilalila.... ok, ok that one's been on there for a while but OMG I want! I want! I want!!

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