Makes and Bakes: iPad Case

Hello! Its my first proper 'Monday Makes' yey!! (Update: Now 'Makes and Bakes' double Yey!)  and thanks to a full time job gggrrr I'm no where near ready to begin, I just would like to think I'll be a little further ahead by next week :-/


So.... I've still got to get two more things; some pretty red elastic cord and some batting, but here we go I'm going to make a fancy pantsy new iPad case! wooo! Much to Philip's disapproval.... ;D

I had a little research on good ol' Etsy and here are my top finds! There are some suuuuper talented people out there!

1.Fantella  2. Mother Hen Love. It! 3. Simbiosis this is a pretty similar design to what I am aiming for 4. How cute?? by Pink Oasis 5. This shop made the list, all amazing! TrackandFieldDesigns 6. Very cool! Dandy

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