A Photo an Hour: A Normal Day

Hello! So a couple of days ago I was checking out one of my fave blogs, Love Elycia! and she had done a photo an hour of a normal day (check it out!) So, on my day off this week I decided to do the same.... its not very exiting, but anyway here is a snippet of a day in the life of moi!! xx

Wake up and make my pretty bed :) I love my CK duvet so much!

Doing a few little updates to the blog!

Breakfast and catch up with New Girl! Thats scrambled egg BTW, not ice cream.... I wish I could get away with ice cream for breakfast...

Eeek! Still sat at computer, time to put on some awesome music and get going, I've got hair dye plans! So The Joy Formidable it is!! check out the plays.... :D

TADA! thats me! ok, so this isn't so different to my natural colour! I love dyeing my hair though, and it was in need of a little something right now :-/ I kinda wish I had the guts to dye it crazy colours like I did when I was young and cool (i was never cool...geek!)

"Hello mummy! pay me attention now?? oh.... :(" 

Heading to town with my awesome bag, awesome because it has a COWBOY on it!
FYI 'heading to town' involves stepping out my front door :) to this:

"Stop looking at me swan!!"

I love where I live :D

Back home and time for lunch, Carrot and Corriander soup with hunks of crusty bread! and cheesy 80's films C/O Netflix!

erm... so this went on obviously for a while!


And then Philip came home and I sooooort of forgot about the rest of the evening haha! we finished Arrested Development and ate tea... don't worry though, it wasn't ground breaking news, you didn't miss much!

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