What Jenny Did: Tour of St Ives

Hello! So today I thought I would take you on a little tour of where I live! Yey! I Live here, In St Ives.

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It was so sunny and nice at the weekend, so Philip and I took a walk from St Ives, through the thicket (a pretty walk through some woods and along the river) to Houghton, the next village over, but its only about a half hour walk, and its soooo pretty! We love Houghton, and it has one of the best pubs, so naturally we stopped off for some good food and beer :)

Ive also included some "fun" facts .... hmmm.... from Wikipedia! Don't you just love Wikipedia!?

  • Previously called Slepe, its name was changed to St Ives after the body, claimed to be that of a Persian bishop, of Saint Ivo, was found buried in the town in about 1001/2. For the past 1,000 years it has been home to some of the biggest markets in the country.

  • St Ives Bridge is most unusual in incorporating a chapel. Also unusual are its two southern arches which are a different shape from the rest of the bridge, being rounded instead of slightly gothic. They were rebuilt this way after Oliver Cromwell blew them up in the English Civil War to prevent King Charles I's troops approaching London from the Royalist base in Lincolnshire. During the war and for some period afterwards, the gap was covered by a drawbridge. The town square contains one of the four statues of Cromwell on public display in Britain.

  • All Saints Church (Church of England) on Church Street has been in the town since 970. As have Dot, Daisy and Toffee*  

  • Thats my house BTW, top left**

Our local pub the Nelson's Head, seen here top left, is about 100-ish paces from our front door! and our fave The Three Jolly Butchers, in Houghton, bottom left. The Tea Rooms in St Ives are amazing, right on the river!

I Hope you enjoyed looking round my town! Post a link to where you live for me to check out!

*Not True
** Also, Not True :(

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  1. Where you live looks so beautiful! Those cottages are gorgeous :D Lovely blog! x