Wish List: Money

I hate money, my general lack of makes me very sad indeed :(

Whilst watching the news the other morning, seething slightly at my stupidity for buying the unlucky wrong lottery ticket (plus screwing it up and throwing it on the floor in a fit of childish rage), there sits Mr News Man saying how nice it is that there was a second "young couple" to win about oh, £50 million!

I'm one half of a young couple!? when will it be me? erm... us! haha money will clearly solve all my problems! woe is me....

... So naturally I have pretty much been day dreaming every morning recently about £50 Million...... what would I do if I did win....... hmmmm.....

Firstly, buy a house! Nothing too flashy, I mean, this would do:

haha! or maybe just something like one of these pretties, in the Lake District, of course:
1. Hill Top Farm (Beatrix Potters house!) 2. Eden Lodge, Cumbria
3. Linthwaite House, Windermere 4. Prime Location (cambridgeshire)

Next, go. on. holiday! and then buy a car! I don't care what any one else thinks, this is the car for me:
5. Maldives Tourism 6. Smart Car

Oh, I can only dream.....

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  1. Oh Hi!
    Just linked to you through Elycia's blog as you said something about 40D telly programs. I am sick of not having any money too and was going to blog about it funnily enough. Sigh and sigh...we can but hope for a stinking great house and a lush car/ hodilay eh?