Tuesday Try It: Nails

So, as I didn't really post a proper Monday Makes, here is a Tuesday Try It! Over on my Pinterest, Ive set my albums out as such 'Love. It!' Want. It!' 'Try. It!' so the basis of my TTI's will pretty much come from the cool stuff I have pinned to my 'Try. It!' page....

So here is the first....

I love painting my nails, but I'm the first to admit, I'm not very adventurous! and there are so many pretty nail techniques out there so I gave this one ago, inspired by The Dainty Squid and <3 Elycia's posts! :D

I have also pur-chased these lovelies this week, to add to the ever growing collection! (ok so my collection is not THAT big, but as you can see I like 'Models Own', there like £5 each!!)

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