wish List: Camping

Every year Philip and I go camping, and we love it! We are not "professional" in anyway, but as the years go on we do consider ourselves "serious" campers more and more :)

With the weather starting to get really nice now, all I can think about is camping and just getting away to the beautiful Lake District and setting up tent, with our trusty doggy companion, Kara!

However, we have such a small tent! So for my Wish List this week I've been looking at tent options, and surprised myself actually... seems I want some sort of suspended tent (!?) judging by what jumped out at me and I saved from my search, check these out:

Here are some of my photos from various trips I thought I would share with you too!

Oh Ok I do love my little cozy yellow tent really!
Here is my favourite camping photo, actually one of my favourite photos ever too, from our first camping trip <3

Photos in post are all my own, unless otherwise stated. If you borrow them then please be kind and link back to me :)

Do you camp? Any good site recommendations in the UK?


  1. This is an awesome photo. Makes me want to get my camp-on....can one say that? haha :)