Friday Finds: Blog Bling

aaah Friday, and pay day too YES

So today I thought I would share with you some awesome finds indeed! These are the pages I use to make my blog, or at least to give me inspiration. I seriously love blogging, and am beginning to wonder how I got by with out it!? It keeps me busy, gives me a hobby, gives me something to be proud of and excited about, pure Joy :D and so fun to make!! I love stuff like this, and am getting ok-ish at HTML again too. NB: I am not a professional at this AT ALL, and you will not find anything "technical-ly" correct in this post haha :) 

Firstly and foremost my layout is from Pugly Pixel

Katrinas blog and site and skills are just amazing, I love her site so much and all her amazing and generous freebies and knowledge that she shares FOR FREE! (Thank You!) Other bits I got from Pugly Pixel are brushes and photo frames.

Next up is Fuzzimo, which is just awesome for cool pictures, backgrounds, fonts - little blog bling add ons basically! Love it all, some people are just so talented to actually be able to make this stuff!

Pic: all from fuzzimo

Alycia over at The Curious Pug also has some very good advice for new bloggers, I got a great Nav Bar tutorial from here, which I played around with but it just wasn't the look I was going for right now... I love Alycia's blog though, if you haven't been yet, well, you really should soon! :)

I get a lot of my fonts from a good google search! But I mostly seem to use dafont and urban fonts(jeez I love fonts, can you tell?? Exhibit A: The blog you are looking at haha :P)

and then I use Pixlemator, which I guess is a Mac equivalent to photoshop, you can even open photoshop files which is just great in my book! and they have a great list of tutorials too.

Lastly I just found some amazing hand drawn brushes from deviant art, so so good! Love it! I get to scribble on my photos now :D

Everything I have learnt is from having patience (and I mean, full on 12hours in front of the screen patience!) and an 'if at first you don't succeed...' attitude! and remembering to just have fun with my blog making!

Check out Jo's blog over at The Perfect Hiding Place, I made that too!

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  1. Looks good, Jenny..! I did find some awesome old airmail letters on Fuzzimo's blog, so thanks for sharing youre intrests..!