Makes and Bakes: Craft Club

Hi Just a quickie whilst it is still actually Monday haha just!

We had our first Craft Club of the year at work this evening and this is what we made! I was aiming to blog LIVE from the crafting hub that is our shop (ha!) but I was sort of busy showing everyone what to do and enjoying my cake from The Secluded Tea Party! (which I totally forgot to take a picture of!) But hey ho, Its Monday and I was crafting! Joy! :)

Heres mine! A padded hanger and lavender heart for Mothers Day, however I think I'm going to keep mine, I just love the cowboy print too much!

I found the tutorial for the hanger here, if you fancy having a go, they're very easy and fun to do! and lavender heart is from the Cath Kidston Sew! book.

Ok, its been a long day, sorry for such a short post, More exciting craftiness tomorrow though! ;D

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