In My Bag

Hi! So today's post is a highly interesting post indeed, giving you yet again some great insight in to my life, lets take a look *dramatic pause* inside.... MY BAG!

A little explanation on some bits....

1. Every year Philip, me and our besties have a little city break together, last year was Munich (their choice) and this year it is Amsterdam (our choice)! Im so exited! so I bought a little guide to read up on!

2. This is my make-up bag

3. My precious iPhone! how did I ever survive without you?

4. My house keys! yes that is a little tractor and Professor Leighton key rings...

7. Shop keys!

8. awesome Hungry Caterpillar (one of my faves!) pocket tissues! 8 for £1, a present from my mummy :)

9. I get a lot of headaches because I never wear my glasses! doh! so I always have neurophen, my drug of choice!

10. A pen from my recent trip to Bury St Edmunds that I actually bought for Philip and haven't gotten around to giving to him yet. I know he will really appreciate this one.... ;D

And finally, my bag... oh my gosh I'm so in love with this bag! It has a Cowboy on!!?? 

..... Three guesses who my employer is ;D

So, Whats in YOUR bag??

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