Where Jenny Went: Bury St Edmunds

Hi! So a while ago I visited a town over the other side of Cambridge called Bury St Edmunds, I had heard it was nice, and as I had the same day off as my friend Caroline, and neither of us has been before, we decided to have a little trip over to investigate, so here are a few pics from that day I thought I would share with you!

We had such a nice day, the weather was not great... which I'm sure you can tell from the pics! But it really is such a pretty town, with lots of cute little side streets and pretty "housey" shops! and tea rooms! I do love a good tea room....

I was also exited (way more than I should have been!) to see the Silver Spoon sugar factory was there, chuffing out lots of smoke in to the air, not too attractive! But it did have a sign made out of little bushes at the front that said 'Silver Spoon' which I thought was cute, but we were kind of on the motor way and I didn't get a chance to get a photo.... Have I mentioned that I have rather a large sugar addiction? Hence the excitement... over a sugar factory... my teeth are aching just thinking about it! :D

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  1. sugar addiction?? now where did u get that from lol xx