Tuesday Try It: Organiser

Hi There! 

Im really exited about the fact that I finally did something from my 'Try. It!' Pinterest board! Take a look-see:

A goal organiser! its just small to start me off! And I made Philip one too, but he still needs to fill the rest of his in himself. I decided to give this one ago because I am very good at setting myself lots to do, and work best when I have a lot on, and lots to think about and keep me motivated.... when I am at work that is. At home I am a big fat lazy bones! So I am hoping something visual will help me stay motivated, or sit taunting me in the corner till I move my ass! haha!

This is all you need too, plus a spare 5mins! :-

I got this great idea from Cornflower Blue Studio, heres the original:

Rachels blog is full of amazing tutorials and awesome crochet! Go check it out!

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