What Jenny Did: Blog Update

Hi There!

Oh dear... I had a bit of a lazy weekend! Which means blog posts are thin on the ground this week! I guess I have been quite lucky actually, as a new blogger, I have not ran out (or freaked out about lack of!) things to talk about. Blogging, or the thought of things to keep blogging about, keeps me nice and busy :)

This weekend though we had Philip's dad and brother over to visit, so bloggy stuff got put to one side, as did craft protects :( . Although I have a new curtain project to complete now! Theres a new challenge - I've not tackled curtains before!

However, I did make a new title for my blog! (and spruced up my 'About Me' page) Which means technically I can tick that off as my Monday Makes haha!



What do you think? I am very happy, the old one was just too dark!

I love messing around with Pixelmator! Check back on Friday for cool blog design related finds! ;D

How was your weekend, busier than mine I hope! 

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