Makes and Bakes: Earl Grey Muffins

Hi There! 

So at the weekend I baked again! Im really enjoying baking at the moment, I used to bake so much but since we moved last year I just haven't got around to doing any. Im very pleased that my new oven appears to be a good one for baked goods too! perfect! :D

I have also found that having a blog gives me a reason to do these things too, not that there should ever be any reason for baking other than the need for home made sugary goodness ;D but I am just loving my blog right now, and how through it, I am actually doing something constructive with my time, and having fun!

So anyway, last week Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl made these AMAZING looking Early Grey and Poppy Seed Muffins, and the cutest 8mm video to go with them, check it out! So I felt compelled to have a go! I have never baked muffins before, but I sure am a bit of a muffin monster! especially ones that come with like, filling inside! thats some thing I need to try indeed! ;D

And here we have my first muffins! 

I was a little bit worried at this point that they might not work, due to not having a muffin tray, just a cake tray! they looked kind of squished together and blobby! But....
...yey! great first result I thought!! Perfect with tea for two :) (yes that is tea... I have it mega milky ok!)

The original recipe is from Raspberri Cupcakes. This blog is UH-mazing! I was just staring in awe at Stephs creations for ages! A fantastic find!

Do share your latest baking ventures with me please! 

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  1. So sorry it took me such a long time to see this post! I'm glad you gave the muffins a try! Aren't they delicious? I really can't wait to make them again. :)