Watched List: TV Series

Hi there!! So today I thought I would share with you something I, infact WE, are very passionate about.... I mean, our lives are just so exciting, we just roll from high to high....*cough cough* erm, yeah, it's Boxsets. TV series boxsets. Ok so its not THAT exiting, but we do love a good series to get in to, Philip and I have gathered quite a collection over the past five and half years and we are actually damn proud of our collection! feast your beadies on these:-

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (our first!)
Angel (naturally...)
Firefly (to complete the Joss Wheadon experience)
Heros (such potential...)
Prison Break (seriously why did they bother with series 3 & 4?)
Supernatural (My fave I think...)
The Sopranos
The 4400 
Big Bang Theory 
Six Feet Under (actually no we're still in mourning over finishing this... like 3 years on!)
Dexter (Michael C Hall is amazing!)
24 (Philips Fave)
Fringe (I love Walter!)
American Gothic
Spaced (A big fave!)
Black Books
The Simpsons
Family Guy
Arrested Development
Twin Peaks
Game of Thrones

Ok, and these I got/am getting through on my own:-

One Tree Hill
True Blood
The OC
Sex and the City
Dawsons Creek (<3)
Gossip Girl
The Deadzone

We are open to new suggestions, so tell me your faves and I'll add them to the growing 'need to see' list!


  1. This is a ma-hoo-sive list! I don't watch much TV but am very keen on collecting series' too...although similarly to your post the other day, cashflow is often a barrier, grr!
    I do have: Flight of the Conchords and The Mighty Boosh though which I would thoroughly recommend, and Green Wing (sigh, I am still so sad its over). On my wishlist is: Gilmore Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond, Lost and NOrthern Exposure (although I don't know if this last one exists) :)

  2. Reply to Nix: Haha Thanx! Im very proud of this!

    Ive never given Flight of the Concords ago, or mighty boost, they both looked bait waaay out there, but were getting a bit more in to comedies, so perhaps Ill add them to 'the list'!

    Northern Exposure!! was that the one with the moose in the ad? How funny if so I was literally thinking about this yesterday, thinking it was the advert for Twin Peaks and was meaning to youtube it!

    Watch Lost! Its very very good! Obv i would recommend everything on this list! ;D xx

  3. i have always loved Friends!
    watching Friends makes me laugh :D

  4. Hi, Yes I was debating whether to add Friends or not, we have seen them all, like a million times through and it is one of my all time faves, but we have never bought it, it was always just on! haha!

    I still miss it... :(

  5. Jen watch 90210!!! If you like OTH, Gossip Girl etc you will like it. Early series is on Netflix. I'm actually growing sick of Gossip Girl, getting a bit tedious and silly, what you think? Also are you watching OTH 9 online? thoughts? Thanks for the list though, I need new watching inspiration! x