InstaLove #1

Instagram is most definitely one of my favourite things about having an iPhone, and probably my favourite social networking site EVER! I love taking photos and could quite happily endlessly look at other peoples photos too. I miss being in a darkroom more than anything, and when I actually get round to making my millions, it is definitely my first requirement for my mansion ;D

In the mean time though I'll settle for my iPhone! Thank you, kind person, who made Instragram for us :D

Here are a few of my favourites since I got started....

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  1. Nice foto's..! Like the little angry cookie ;))!


  2. Lovely post Jen, such pretty pics. (not that I'm RAGING with jealousy or anything!) ugh x

  3. Haha Thanks Jacqueline! (Hello!) Hes a little Ninja-bread man I made a few weeks ago!