Makes and Bakes: Wall Tidy


So yesterday I sat down and got my sh*t organised! well, a little anyway (see tomorrows post!) and decided to finish my iPad cover ...yeah, I'm still on that one :-/ ... well I took one look and got bored with that idea and so decided to whip up something else that has been on my mind recently! A wall tidy! 

Taaa dah!

In my favourite Cath Kidston Mini Cowboy print too! I am actually going to hang this on the back of our spare room door, so I have backed it in fleece so it doesn't mark the door. I am also going to make the wire hanger a bit prettier, or actually maybe use my padded hanger I made last week. I just need to sew the pockets on and loops to hang with and it is done, it didn't even take me that long either!

I am a little sad that the edges are not straight, but that is what happens when you refuse to make patterns or pin anything, I actually surprised myself this time by pressing the edges before I stitched them (have I mentioned what a lazy sewer I am? haha only when its just for myself though! :P ) so I guess I'm learning something as I go haha ... geek! 

What have you been making recently? I would love to see so do share :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Your post made me laugh - I'm exactly the same, except you've actually managed to make things - all i do is talk and plan, so well done!

  2.'s lovely...I do love the mini cowboy cute!xx