Friday Finds: Nails

Oopsie! Missed my blog day haha!

At the moment I am preeeetty in to painting my nails, especially zig zag combos! Here are a few I have been sporting recently:

I just can't get enough of fun things to do with my nails right now! I used to think that just plain colour was fun! how wrong I was! so, yet another thing to search the internet for, interesting nail tutorials!! Heres a few really good looking ones I have found recently:-

The Dainty Squid - Zig Zag Nail Tutorial - One of my favourite blogs and also the main inspiration for trying zig zag nails! Here Kaylah shows you how to do three zig zags, which I have tried about three times now and I just fail, where as hers look uh-mazing! I'll keep trying though... :)

Love Elycia - Chevron Nails Tutorial - Again one of my favouritest blogs! Elycia also does lots of zig zags too, I'm yet to try this chevron one though, but it looks awesome :)

NailSide - A whole blog dedicated to amazing nails!!! I particularly love the Miffy one, as if I could ever do that though! :( and the cloud ones too, amazing!

Lastly, there are lots of tutorials out there for this, but I have chosen this one to share, from good ol' WikiHow! I <3 Wikipedia! Newspaper Nail Tutorial! Its taking me ages to get round to doing this, and I really must try it, it looks so good!!

Do you know any good tutorials for nails? Do share! 



  1. It looks great..! But a lot of work...and you have to have a steady hand, i'm a bit to impatient.. but next time i will try the zigzag nails, they look fab!!


  2. I love painting my nails tooooo! I follow the same blogs for inspiration. Today I am sporting the half moon type - using the ring binder stickers in two pinks, 3rd finger silver glitter - rock and roll!!! As a teacher, if I can't dye my hair I gonna have some funky nails fer sher! x x

  3. Haha I like it!! Yeah I need to buy some ringer binder stickers and try that one!