Watched List 2012...

Since the start of the year I have been keeping a track of the new to me films I have been watching. I am a self confessed film buff! I am so proud of my DVD collection and the amount of films I have seen, in fact my favourite game ever is Scene It, just plain ol' movie trivia, whats not to love!!! except no one will play it with me now, because I get waaay too loud and excitable (and win all the time hahaha) and basically just alienate all my fiends... sad times! :(

We used to go to the cinema a few times a week but in the past year, since Philip and I moved, we no longer live near a cinema (and Philip won't let me watch movies online any more and ruin the Mac, but ssshhh I never did that anyway ;D ) So our film watching has dramatically decreased. Although having Love Film and Netflix now on the Xbox is just awesome :D

Anyway heres the new (to me) films Ive been viewing so far:

Super 8 * * * * *
Limitless * * * *
Year One * (and thats just because it has Micheal Cera and David Cross in, which reminded me of Arrested Development, which was actually funny... )
Unknown * * * *
Stone * * *
Hereafter * * * * *
Mean Creek * * * * *
Four Lions     * * * *
Somewhere    * * * * *

I'm loving keeping a record like this so I can actually remember what I have watched! So I'll keep adding to this (its actually an older post) but please do recommend any good films, I'll pretty much watch anything, horror is my favourite genre, but I love independent films, world cinema, dramas, anything!.... not a huuuge action fan mind you....

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