Wish List: Gardens

When I was little, my parents took us on a trip somewhere, probably Scotland knowing my dad! But I remember we were looking for a lake, but we just seemed to end up on a normal street full of houses, so my mum knocked on one of the doors and asked for directions to this lake. The man in the house said that the houses on the street actually surrounded the lake, but if we would like to see it, we could come through his garden and have a look..... and thus began I feel, my love affair with secret gardens. At the bottom of this persons, perfect garden (I remember stepping stones and everything!), was this beautiful lake - which may or may not have had swans on it, Ive got a pretty vivid imagination, and I was pretty tiny at the time! so I could have actually imagined the whole thing haha! eeeb :-/

My obsession with secret gardens further developed after I first watched The Secret Garden, still to this day one of my favourite films, and then of course Alice In Wonderland (words can not express my love for this film and anything related to the story), and then of course, Harry Potter, with their whole worlds of fantasy, magic and imagination! I was sold! 

Yes indeed, I need a secret garden in my life.....

Requirements: Hedged or walled off, with an big old wooden door or stone archway entrance; overgrown lovely wild wilderness; a swing; a fountain; victorian imagination and splendour; secrets and history; RUINS!

This entire picture on the left is perfection!

All of the above images are from my pinterest, if you know where these are, or where they originate from then please do leave a link in the comment below, or email me and I'll make sure a proper link is in place.

After reading bits and pieces about Pinterest today, I decided to just use images from there. I love my Pinterest, and my Instagram for that matter, what lovely ways to socially interact with people! I love the idea or sharing images and passions and interests in a visual way, rather than words... don't you agree!?

...."The spell was broken. My uncle learned to laugh, and I learned to cry. The secret garden is always open now. Open, and awake, and alive. If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."....

*Update: My mum has informed me that it was Scotland! haha! Kilconquer, apparently.*


  1. This post is right up my street! I love a good secret garden - one you can find and imagine you are the first to discover for years and years <3 Gorgeous pictures! x

  2. Yes, definitely! the pictures are just from typing 'secret garden' in to Pinterest, there are sooo many! :)