What Jenny Did: Packing

Busy! Busy! Busy!

This is what I'm up to right now, packing!!


I love looking at fellow bloggers outfit posts, but sadly I'm not that confident or cool! But here is my baby step in to an outfit post - minus me :) haha. Ive chosen some of my favourite outfits to take with me so I feel confident and comfy whilst away. I always, always plan my outfits for each day if I'm going away any where so I don't have to think about what to wear, and I feel happier with planned outfits! Does anyone else ever feel like that!? Right down to the accessories too, Tatty Devine for each day? Don't mind if I do! The last two are both my 'go to' outfits for days when I don't feel so great, I love them both so much!

Heres a little peak in to my bag:

When Im packing I always go through my day, and mentally tick it off, about 10 times!
Your probably thinking that bag is way to small for 4 days worth, right? But rest assure readers, I'm a savvy packer ;D

The best thing about traveling has to be stocking up on minis too! mini shampoo's, mini body wash, mini face wipes - I need them all!! 

And finally a special mention to my beautiful new bag! with a special added, limited edition *oooh!* detail ;D

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