Makes and Bakes: Pillowcase Cushions


Im going to share a little tutorial with you today to brighten up your Monday morning! Yey!

I have a nice little collection of random pillowcases I have been gathering up for some time, a while back I made my sister some cool cushion covers out of some Cath Kidston Zoo print pillowcases (which you can see in this post), so the other day I got started on the rest of my collection, here is how I got on with the next one!....

Pillow Case Cushion!

1. Get all your pretty pillowcases together!

2. Un-pick all the stitching so you are left with long bits of pretty material.

3. Pop on a DVD as the un-picking is rather time consuming, I chose The Dead Zone :) but you can go with what ever you feel like...

4. You should now be left with your un-picked, un-stitched pillowcases!

5. Fold your length together, right sides together. Fold one open edge out. This will make an inside flap for your cushion insert to sit under (remember we're working inside-out everyone!).

6. Fold the other open end in, make this flap a little bigger than the previous one, this one will go on the outside of the cushion cover. Adjust your length so your edges are still flush.

Just to clarify, you should have one bigger edge folded inside, and one smaller one folded outside of your material.... still with me...? ;D

7. Pin all your sides together, remember not to pin and sew the open end though!... it happens :|

8. Sew along your edges, I used the old stitch line as a guide :D I also sewed along the bottom fold, so that when I turn the cushion the correct way, all the edges look the same. If you need to do any adjusting, either be smart and measure your cushion before hand, or just sew this bottom end a little closer in if too loose ;)

9. Trim the excess, I used my pinking shears to cut down on the amount of fraying. Also if you cut your corners of at an angle, it will give a sharper corner when turned right way!

10. Turn your creation the correct way out, you should still have the bigger flap showing as the wrong way, fold this right over the top end of the cushion, so the pattern is correct side out, and poke out the corners.

11. You should be looking something like this, but maybe you matched up your pattern a little better than me... ooopsie! :D

....and you are done! lovely!

.... of course another way would be to just measure your cushion insert, and sew inside the edges of the pillowcase to the correct size and trim away the excess, but wheres the fun in that!? ;D

Want to see behind the scenes of the craftiness?
orderly, calm, peaceful....chaos!


  1. Looks great..!! Never mind the chaos...