The Sound of March


Oooh this is different! I don't normally post on the weekend but I really have left this post far too long, so its just a quicky that I scheduled because hopefully I'm off doing something exciting with my time... oh no wait,  I'll be at work :( boo! haha!

Oh dear, my plans for 'find a new band a month' are not going so well right now. I really do need to schedule some time to just sit and trawl the web for some new sounds!

March was mostly:

Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

The Kills - Blood Pressures

Freelance Whales - Weathervanes

Im really enjoying Ben Howard, Philips very pleased about finding this one, and the fact that he's been listening to and raving about him for almost the past year, well before everyone else! haha

Heres a little video for you to enjoy! I love this song, its really one of those 'lets get up and get going songs'! and the video looks so much fun!!

Hope your having a nice weekend!!
or are you stuck at work too.... :( ?

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