Makes and Bakes: Pin Cushion Jar


So after what felt like a very long week at work, I finally had a lovely weekend off, and I was determined to do lots of things that made me happy! So I had a long bath, exfoliated etc (its time to whip out the fake tan people!),  did my nails, caught up on some craft projects, did a little baking, finished sorting Amsterdam stuff out... all good stuff that you will find out about this week!

So, craft projects you say? Yes indeed! I did a couple this weekend actually, starting with this Pin Cushion Jar Tutorial adapted from Martha Stewart's (isn't she just amazing!?) and for once I'm going to let you tag along and see how I did it! woo!

You will need:

1. Trace your lid 'sealer' onto some card and cut out.
2. Draw around your card onto your chosen material, leaving a good allowance, bigger really than what I did here, I would say 2-3cms. It doesn't matter if it is not neat, you won't see it anyway ;)
3. Roll your stuffing into a ball and sandwich between the card and fabric, this is a little tricky, try and keep the stuffing from peaking out over the edge of the card.
4. Realise your card is too thick and opt for a thinner piece instead... woopsie! haha :D cut two from thinner card.

5. With your ball of stuffing securely between your fabric and (now thinner!) piece of card, push it through the screw part of your lid till it pops through, making the cushion part on top of the jar.
6. Place your sealer back into the lid now, on top of your card, and pull out excess fabric. This is why it is good to leave a good allowance on your fabric circle, I had to whip out the tweezers to pull mine out - which was fiddly to say the least! Glue down fabric edges to sealer.
7. Put some glue on the top now, NOT as much as I used here! Don't you just love how honest and humble I am to show all my many mistakes.... it was my first attempt! Yeah I really didn't think this post through when taking the photos did I....
8. Place second piece of thin card on top to hide your mess :)

9. Scew top on. If it seems like it doesn't want to go, either change or cut down your card a bit, or just give it a bit of a push down, and repeat a few times till it sets itself in place. Do this before your glue is totally dry. (Cleary this part is not in Marthas tutorial, I adapted it beautifully, no?)
10. And your done! woo!

11. Or you could add a little bit more like some ribbon. Place a dot of glue on the back of the lid and secure here the end of your ribbon with your thumb.
12. Wrap round and overlap the edge slightly, glue down. If you don't like the edge you could cover with a button, or a bow maybe with some super glue.

Now you're done! 

So pretty and perfect for my spools!
Love it!
Let me know if you try this one!


  1. what a cool project! Even nice for all your sewing thread..

    Have a lovely day,

  2. I love this. Thanks for the shares-ees x n x