Wish List: Bikes

Hellooo mid week!!

I want a bike. I HAD a bike. It was blue. I loved it.... but I kiiiinda left it outside and it rusted up pretty badly :( wah! and when we moved I left it behind which broke my heart. And now its so sunny and lovely, and there are so many nice, potential bike routes around here in the fens, and me with no bike!! D:

Look at these:

And then THIS! 

ok, when I saw the pics of these I thought they were real at first... :( 

Hope your having a nice week!!


  1. I totally understand your need for a bike as I finally got myself one on Monday. It's bright blue with a basket and I'm totally in love with it! Hope you get to find the perfect bike soon! :-)

  2. Oh! very jealous of you right now! ... and with a basket too!? ugh haha :D xx