A Photo an Hour: A Normal Day


So as I mentioned on Monday, it was Craft Club at work on Tuesday night! Joy!!  I spontaneously decided to do a photo an hour that day too, so here is my Tuesday for you! and at the end you can see what we made! ;D

7:00 AM
Having breakfast and getting organised for the day!

8:00 AM
Catching up on ITV's Titanic! I am so excited about this series! I have loved the story of Titanic ever since I first heard about it in primary school! And I was a huge fan of the film, which had nothing AT ALL to do with the fact I had a massive, slight barely there, teenage crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. Seriously though I'm such a geek about this...

8:00 AM (still)
I also touched up some nails that I smudged last night o_0

9:00 AM
I was actually still sat at the computer, but shots of my screen all morning aint so interesting! This shelf beside me in our 'geek' room however, is! I love those tins!

10:00 AM
Catching up with some blogging! ooohhh.....

This makes me happy :D

11:00 AM
Time to move and get dressed. I'm seriously in love with my new blouse! I just can't bring myself to do an outfit post, but here's a lovely close up of the pattern, it has long bow ties on it too! I seriously cannot wear it enough right now!

12:00 PM
I was in Poundland and spotted Hong Kong Phooey!! 

1:00 PM
Caught up on some of my favourite blogs, here's me about to comment on Kaylahs photo an hour post, saying that I am also doing a photo an hour, right now.... blows. my. mind!

2:00 PM
Started to get organised for tonights Craft Club! soooo much felt!

3:00 PM
Getting my craft on!

4:00 PM
On my bus in to town, it was kind of rainy! 

5:00 PM
The cake arrived! As I mentioned they are from The Secluded Tea Party, and Miss Sue Flay is very generous in that she gives us them for free :D As you can imagine, it didn't last long....

6:00 - 9:00 PM
Crafting away! (We're not sponsored by Vimto by the way, I'll give them that for free because its so tasty!)

Thats my shop! :D

9:30 PM
The finished products! God I love felt, its so easy and fun! These are maybe not the greatest crafts in the world, but we all had a nice time making them, which is the most important thing! I love them! ;D

11:00 PM (the time I got home :( )
*insert bed photo here*



  1. Hi lovely to meet you and thanks for popping by my blog ,im now a follower of yours ,its lovely and made me smile xxxxx

  2. O wauw.. very cute for easter, that's something I can make with my young daughter...thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks Francine! you made my day, my 10th follower!! :D

    Yes Jacqueline, they are super easy to make! and fun to decorate! great little craft projects :)