Wish List: Tattoos

Hi There!

So, for around the past year / year and a half, I have desperately wanted a new tattoo. I only have one so far, a scatter of stars inside my wrist, but I have wanted a feather on my back for so long! and now it seems even more fitting then ever ;D

When I first came up with the idea, I did some Google searches to see what was out there, not because I want a tattoo like everyone else's, but just to get inspiration and ideas. And the search came back with hardly anything! But now if you type 'feather tattoo' into Google, it is so popular! isn't that just the way....

Ive been collecting tattoo pics for years, here's some of my favourite feather ones from my collection:

Also I'm really bad and haven't saved the links for any of these! I mostly get them from BME or just google, so if you recognise any of these as your own, please tell me so I can tag them properly!

I really feel like this could be the year I get it! I would love to show it off on here soon!

Do you have any cool tattoo wishes? 

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