Things that make me smile...

I was feeling a little blue last week.... not really sure why, one of those 'everything and nothing' moments I guess. So to get me out of my funk I started a 'Things That Make Me Smile' at the start of the week, then half way through I still wasn't feeling any better, so it turned in to a 'Week in Instagrams', but now when I come to post it, looking over the images, I do love the photos and they have made me smile... so mash up of both anyone?! hells yeah! ;D

Here are my week of instagram smilesthings that make me instagramsmile-gramswho even knows, photos YEAH!!

Getting in the spirit for Amsterdam with beer from Holland, drank in a glass stolen from this beer garden in Munich last year ;D

I have something to tell you.... Philip and I are scratch card whores. 

My fave from last weeks baking.

The pretty ceiling in my bank, infact its all rather amazing in there!

Amazing cake delivery for a colleagues birthday from the awesome Secluded Tea Party!

Messing around with super, highly technical, photography filters.... ok! ok! I took this on my iPhone, through my sunglasses alright! pretty cool though huh?! :D


Projects!! Now this makes me happy!

Come find me, I'm @themagicfeather
These are all my own photos, so if you Pin or do anything with them please remember to link it back, Thank You!

I am off to Amsterdam today! And I can guarantee you, I'll be smiling!

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