Makes and Bakes: Dinos and Bunnys

Just a quickie today to show you my latest baking venture!

I had some fun with this one... ;D

I got the Easter cutters recently in good ol' Poundland for, thats right, £1! And they're really good! the dino cutter is from Hobby Craft.

As usual we got 'creative' with the decorating....

I've saved the best for last though, and if you can tell me why then we can be friends ;D

These were just simple sugar cookies, I got the recipe from my new go-to site for amazing baking ideas Rasberri Cupcakes, also in case your wondering, I recently read in a few recipes to pop your dough in the freezer for twenty minutes or so, to make it easier to work with. What a marvellous idea!! I may bake a lot, but I'm not very clued up on these things.... anyway, thats why I have a picture of my dough in cling film, in the first lot of pictures.... it just looked funny!

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