Wish List: iPhone Lenses


I adore my iPhone, it seriously is just the best thing! But one of the biggest reasons I love it so much is that it has got me taking photos again (I have a degree in photography very much going to waste :( ) I am a little ashamed to say that at the moment my iPhone is my main camera.... I know, I know! I do have a Canon 350D, a good little Pentax for film and a collection of really cool old camera, most of which still work, that I am very pleased with :D

As you may have noticed I am pretty obsessed with Instagram, I also use Pixlr-o-matic, Snapseed and sometimes Hipstamatic too. All really good Apps for playing with your photos! So for this weeks Wishlist, I kind of mean it, I really do want these items!!

1.Amazon 2. Ebay 3. Ebay

The first are some Holga lenses I found on Amazon, you spin them around and they come with colour filters, macro lenses, fisheye etc. I love how they look like those picture slideshow toys we has when I was little! 

Next are some magnetic lenses I found on Ebay, which look preeeeety cool, they come with fisheye and macro too.

The tripod.... I don't really want this but just thought it was too funny not to include, I mean, come on!?

... But then I saw this ....

Which again is from Ebay, I think it just suckers on, the description is not very clear but it gives you x10 optical zoom! Can you imagine whipping this out to take photos? Its pretty cool that this kind of thing is available, but I'll be honest the other items fall under the 'fun' category, for me though, I think this is going a little too far! I know, what a camera snob I am! :)

Ok, I also had to include this last item, as I do really want this, but its a bit of a far fetched wish really, but such a great idea! 

A pop up dark room! from Nova Darkroom

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