Makes and Bakes: Wall Tidy Update


So I was very productive on my days off this week! yey! I finished my wall tidy! and I'm pretty happy too, does the job!

I made some cute beds for the boys from some scraps too:

I just have to share these too, This is how they were when I came down to install the new beds:

 I love it when they curl up together! Dexter then proceeded to wash himself super thoroughly in one of the new beds, which I took as a good sign! there was lots of chattering too! (if your not a rat owner, they chatter their teeth when they're happy :D)

AND I also made a start on my curtains, did some baking! (see next weeks Tuesday Try It post for what I made! ;) ), made a start on our Amsterdam Itinerary which I will also be blogging about soon and squeezed in some socialising! Go me!

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  1. The rats look so adorable!! They must love there new collarfull beds!!