What Jenny Did: Made-it Market


So, the other day one of my favourite markets was in Cambridge! The 'Made It Market' it is the best handmade market I have seen and it just makes me so thrilled to attend and green with envy all at once! haha! The crafters there, their work its so so good and well made. They clearly take their time and put so much love in to what they do, and while it is going on, they're all sitting there, behind their stalls, crafting!! ugh! What a life!?!

So yes, I popped in to the guildhall and blew some pennies for sure! ;D

(they use the same font as me too, clearly in the cool club - them I mean, I'm so already there ;D )

my little haul!

and of course I instagramed (is that the term?) and Tweeted about it too!

I must mention these two sellers, Gemma Correll (pugs not drugs) who was actually there at her own stall! I had her Corgi Tea Towel pic as my Facebook profile picture for so long! So nice to meet the real person! The badges and mirror are from her :)

and Sconch Textiles, who I bought my new phone case off. I had previously bought the cutest case from there for my iPod, and begrudgingly selflessly gave it away with the iPod to my sister in law because she loved it so much (the case, not the iPod, I was giving that to her anyway!). So I got to treat myself to a new blue one, with button detailing!! eeeb! 

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  1. Hello!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog :) off to have a look at your other posts - it'll keep me occupied at my four day event this weekend!

    Sam x
    Sconch Textiles