Wish List: Home Editions


All this month I am going to be doing 'Home Editions' for my Wishlists, not sure what I mean? Keep reading, you'll get the gist ;D

Lets start with...Craft Rooms!

One of my favourite parts about (the best magazine ever) Mollie Makes is the last page where crafters show off their work spaces and studios, currently my so called "craft room" is a tiny corner of what was supposed to be Philip's geek room (now its kind of just a geeky office space...). So I am surrounded by heavy black furniture, delightful Batman and Left 4 Dead posters and lots of books! I long for a beautiful, clean and crisp, light and airy room of my own! This week I have been drooling over pretty craft spaces, and pinning them all to my pinterest, here are some of my favourite picks.... Im totally not jealous mind.... nope, not. at all.  :-|

:: Love the colour and all those jars (!) of this space ::

:: This is too pretty! Love that table! ::

:: Perfect.... AND a Mac ;D ::

:: Very pretty! ::

:: This is amazing and would actually fit perfectly in my little house! ::

:: .... It leads off to the garden!? ::

And some crafty details I saw along the way and may be utilising in the future ;D

If only I could be this organised.... 

Want to see my corner?

When it was first installed and looking a little new and untouched! I wish it still looked this neat!

This lovely now stands in one corner ... minus one ratty, Oh come on I had to right!? 


  1. I LOVE all of these pictures too, so pretty! I hate people with their own craft rooms, NOT fair! (Don't worry there will be plenty of room for one each in The Manor!) x

  2. Oh my these are gorgeous! Want, want, want! I've been working off the kitchen table for years but finally got myself a desk in the corner of the living room recently. I'm planning on painting it and generally making it look pretty. It's as close as I'll get to a studio for now! What I would really love though, is a shed at the bottom of my imaginary garden! :-) Your space looks really lovely by the way! :-)