Wish List: Home Editions

Hello lovelies!

... This week is a trying week, I have to say. I have a lot of thoughts going around in my head at the moment as I try to organise and rearrange some things I am not happy with in my life, whilst thinking about the stuff I can not wait to move on to and get started with, and am just so excited about! Why is it that we always have to sort out and clear a way through the boring bits first? ggrrr :)  I am a person who is never really satisfied and constantly wanting to change and mix things up, which is not a bad thing and keeps me busy, but is never easy! Today however, I have brought you the next instalment in my 'Home Editions'  Wishlist, a welcome little distraction for myself ;D oh I do love looking at pretty interiors!!

This week is Living Rooms!

:: Just how cosy and inviting is this room!? Love that back wall ::

:: A D O R E the colours in this room! perfection ::

:: Bunting and pastels!! <3 ::

:: I pretty much love any room that leads off in to a garden like that...  ;D ::

:: Loving the shape and angle of that sofa! and colours!! ::

:: Minimal and shabby! ::

:: Grey and yellow heaven! My favourite combo ::

and some details please!

There are some VERY lucky home owners out there!

Are you seeing a theme to my ideal home? White and minimal, white and colourful, or shabby chic. How do these ever go together for a home with a style that will flow!? I literally cannot force my brain or thoughts in to any kind of consistent, linear, calm, organised or agreeable process! Ever!

All pics from my Pinterest, where you should find links to the original source.


  1. Oh what beautiful interior design! I love the light, fresh feel of all of them and totally with you on your ideal home!

  2. These are great! And I love that wall idea:)

    Ooh, I can't wait to get my own place...and decorate it!