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So in a few days it is that joyous time of year where my friends and family celebrate the awesome day that I entered the world, AKA that-day-that-is-all-about-me-and-I-am-going-to-make-sure-that-everyone-I-come-in-to-contact-that-day-knows-it!! :P

I love birthday's, there was a period where I didn't, because they suddenly don't mean as much as they used to, and that makes everyone sad surely, but oh sweet joy! I do love to receive presents :D So that whole 'its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to' soon got boring for me.

So, what have I got planned!!?? ..... work :( Hello full time job and boring grown up life. But surely I have evening plans, you say!? .... 9 hours on a bus, through the night to Carlisle. PHEWF! slow down there missy! Don't have too much fun now! ..... grumble grumble....

Anyhoo! This ramble does have a point, It is my last Wednesday Wishlist Home Editions! and Im ending with a party of course, and your all invited!

Garden Parties!

:: I am a sucker for a beautiful, diffused, natural, evening light. This image is just heaven in my eyes ::

 :: Pretty, pretty, pretty garden path! ::

 :: Loving the tea lights and wild flowers ::

 :: Ok, can this just be my summer house now please? (can't imagine its this nice in winter some how... !) ::

:: Light bulbs from trees!? serious, perfection ::

 :: Is this for real!? This is beyond beautiful! where in the world are you! ::

:: Too cute! ::

 :: Oh secret garden, just get in my life please! ::

:: Love the hanging baskets and the jars ::

Through the whole series I have noticed quite a few themes, anything leading off to a garden being one! I am not a gardener, I currently have no outdoor space and it really doesn't bother me, but I know that when I find my forever home it must have a beautiful garden. I need greenery in my life! Which is no great surprise considering where I am from ;D  Which brings me to my last pic, words can not even tell you how much I love this next place for lots of reasons, beside the fact that it is beautiful; it is my ideal garden, in my ideal location.... and its right down the road from my family. Thats right, I have actually been to this one! and I totally squealed with delight when it popped up on my Pinterest search!

It has a waterfall - two in fact - and a cave, and a large grassy area, statues, and a little decked patch. Over looking a river, beneath a huge old house, on private land that spans all along the river in this spot, overlooked by an amazing viaduct. (Yes, I'll have this one thank you!)

Hard to believe right?

Heres me right there, last year.

Lots more about beautiful Cumbria coming next week, as thats what I am doing to celebrate my birthday, long weekend away in the Lakes! Yey!!

* all images - except the last one! from my Pinterest, where you should find links to all the original sources *

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