Friday Finds: Mollie Makes

Hello you!

I think I may have mentioned this a few times already - I love Mollie Makes (thanks again sister dearest ;D )! One of my favourite things to do is to sit down with a lovely cup of tea, pen and blog-book ready and list all the sites and blogs they recommend. Ok, so that part isn't my favourite as it takes forever! But the searching for them and exploring I really do love. Don't you just love it when you come across a new web site and immediately your eyes go everywhere taking it all in and relishing the products/colours/prettiness? Well I certainly do and MM's has found so many good ones for us to explore! Here are my favourite finds from some of the awesome sites from my most recent search...

 Love these wool cushions, this bird print is great! I love bird print - anything!

 These bunting wall stickers are too cute!

 A cushion with cats, unicorns and dogs... to name a few! amazing! I adored everything on this site.

Found my new fabric shop! Oh my gosh, all way too cute to even use though! :D

I need this camera necklace in my life.

Cute lavender bags!

I have come across this amazing website before, they do - hands down - the funniest tea towels ever! I just want to frame them all!! Mr T Towel, seriously!!?

More super cute tea towel prints, this is too funny!

Have a nice weekend!!


  1. Great finds. I do exactly the same thing when I get my copy! Love noting down and exploring the sites they recommend. I also love Fabric Rehab. Have you looked at My Fabric House? They have the cutest bias binding x

  2. OMG that unicorn cushion is SOOOOOO cute! want it! I like these little posts Sister Dearest, they make good birthday lists ;)

  3. Haha their reccomendations are so good, arent they Claire!? Thanks ill check out that fabric shop, havent cone across it before! Xx

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