The Sound of May

hey hey hey!

So, continuing with my new music (I got l o t s last month!) This month I have mostly been listening to Bombay Bycicle Club. I got all three albums - I Had the Blues But I Shook Them LooseFlaws and A Different Kind of Fix. All great!! I think if I had to pick one though it would be the most recent, A Different Kind of Fix. BBC is just feel good, makes you happy, strolling-through-the-park-on-a-sunny-day-looking-up-at-the-trees-just-enjoying-life music :D I highly recommend, I was surprised by how many songs I recognised too (I don't listen to popular music i.e. the radio, music channels etc)! Go check them out!

My favourite, stand out track - Enjoy!!

Bombay Bicycle Club - Lights Out, Words Gone c/o YouTube

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