Wish List: Home Editions


So continuing with my 'Home Editions' Wishlist (you can see craft rooms, bedrooms and living rooms by following the links) I'm excited to discuss with you all kitchens!! Be warned, there are a lot of pictures in this post because who can resist a pretty kitchen? It was too hard to try and cut them all down to just my faves, they're all my faves!! 

Lets have a look:

:: Love the cosiness of this one - with bonus kitty!! ::

 :: Hello blue heaven!! love the lights and floor ::

:: This is too perfect... shutters and Cath Kidston!? Oh my gosh! ::

:: I love the space of this one, and that window seat... ::

:: Love the colours in this one ::

:: I feel I must be destined to have a blue kitchen, that corner is just too much! ::

:: I do love a bit of sleek, minimalist with a pop of colour! ::

:: So cosy, and I think I need that wallpaper in my life ::

:: Of course there is going to be one that leads to a garden! ::

:: Simple and cute, love the colours! Just my style! ::

:: This last image is the kitchen of a lovely blog I follow and I urge you to do the same! Yvestown is just beautiful and I adore her whole house. It is perfection; white with splashes of colour! ::

I know I say it every week but it is so fun to look at pretty interiors and day dream of my mansion... all those rooms! with at least one leading of to a garden please! hehe!

All images, unless otherwise stated, are from my Pinterest, where you should find original links.

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