Makes and Bakes: Craft Club

Hi There!

Monday again! hmmm... :-/  

Over the weekend I worked on a few new craft projects that I am very excited about, and will be showing you later in the week, but I am going to share the photo's from our latest craft club first.

This was on Thursday night and the project we did was the Pin Cushion Jar I shared a few weeks ago, a really simple but fun project, great for presents and craft room storage! I have two lovely ones now, one for spools and the other now houses my ribbons and pretty edgings I have been hoarding up for some time and previously keeping in a *whispers it* paper bag! yuk! iew! :(

I really do enjoy organising theses evenings, it is so nice that we get to do these events and I get to meet some really lovely people, eat awesome cakes, discuss crafts and come up with the ideas too! which are always met with such enthusiasm. This time round the evening was fully booked within half an hour of me emailing everyone, and I just can't even begin to tell you how happy, proud and thankful that makes me feel! We had some nice new faces too, including Claire who wrote up a lovely blog post last week, which you should check out here

Mine is the star one at the front :)

Another bit of work related news is that it was our first birthday last week. All stores throw a bit of a party when it is their first birthday, heres a few pics from ours.

What have you been crafting recently, do share, I would love to see them!


  1. Thanks for a lovely evening & sharing a great craft! I will be following your blog to see what else you create! X

  2. i do so wish i could come to your shop and see the pretty things on show and i would love to come to a craft night too but alas Carlisle is too far away. :(