Wish List: Home Editions


This week as part of my 'Home Editions' Wishlist, I have been looking at bedrooms, beautiful bedrooms!

I have mixed feeling about bedrooms. On the one hand I do not want to spend any time in them anymore, after living, eating, sleeping etc in one room for years due to shared accommodation and studio flats etc, but then I love the idea of a tranquil space, my own little sanctuary to escape to, layers of crisp white duvets and window seats full of cozy, inviting cushions....

Currently my bedroom is probably the saddest room in my house. No distinct style, random pine furniture, and a huge bed that just dominates the tiny space. Im always thinking of ways to make it amazing, but alas, I think I will have to wait until we again, buy our mansion to get stuck into creating my own beautiful bedroom. For now I will day dream in these gorgeous spaces ... ;D ....

:: Perfection ::

:: this bed is just amazing! like a fairytale... ::

 :: THAT window seat!! ::

:: seriously is that view even for real!? ::

:: Love the brick wall detail, and the vintage touches ::

:: love white with splashes of colour ::

:: romantic! ::

:: seeing a theme? :D ::

:: love that this is beside a lake, seriously where is this?? ::

Lets look at some details now!

I have a thing about knitted pillows and throws, I think they look devine in a bedroom, but yet I have none in mine... I don't even know why :(

Those paper hanging balls are amazing, how pretty and cute! Ok, I know the next picture is a liiiiittle crazy, but seriously, I would love it if this was mine, and is it in a tree?? where in the world are these places !?

Lastly, Kaylah from The Dainty Squid posted this last week and I just plain want it! 

Who needs a bedroom when you can have a NEST!?

Hope you like my pictures, which are all from my Pinterest. 

What would your ideal bedroom be like?

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