Friday Finds: Little Crafts


So, I am still in the process of sorting through the mammoth task that is organising my bookmarks. I just sorted all of my 'Tutorials' in my 'Awesome' bookmark (there was over 100!!) and categorised them all in to what type of crafty project they were. I've come across so many amazing looking projects, it really is time I got stuck in to some of them, but time is not my friend this week, so I am sharing the wealth with you other crafty types! (Let me know if you try these ;D )

Here are some super ones that I have labeled 'Little Crafts'....

Possibly the most complicated and sweetest looking pin cushion on the list!

These heart bookmarks are just too cute not to try! From one of my favourite crafty blogs too, Little Lovelies By Allison.

This 'Tea Time Mug Rug' is amazing right!? That little tea bag is too much! I love a cute smiley on anything! :D

Ok, so this is made as a Valentines Window Garland, but it looks too nice to just have up once a year, I would go for blues.... dreamy!

DIY air fresheners! In an acorn shape!?! I know someone who's going to be all over this one ;D

and then lastly, this is hilarious - I Made You a Beard tutorial from my fave Mollie Makes - bookmarked for next Movember - why can't girls join in?? ;D

Have a great weekend!!

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