Makes and Bakes: Cowboy Cushions

Morning! ... ah Monday, we meet again!

So, I hope everyone had a nice weekend, it was actually sunny!?! Know what I did, I worked! all weekend, very sad :(

Which means I haven't really had a chance to catch up on posts too. I did get a little something done in time for a quick little Monday Makes however. Last week in this post, I showed you a recent purchase of some new material I was very excited about using ... ;D


I gave my sofa a little re-vamp with some amazing cowboy cushions with red spot too! Oh how I love these two together!


  1. Love em too....fab make !xxx

  2. Hellooo, thank you so so much for the lovely lovely follow, you are very kind. I am still very new to all of this but enjoy doing it so much and its a real honour that people want to read it! Thank you.

    I had your blog in my notepad to look up as i saw it on your…sisters (?)) blog and have just had a little nosey…so lovely. You are very clever!!

    Thanx again, have a lovely rest of tuesday, minus the hail and thunder!!

    Sal x