What Jenny Did: Craft Space

Oh my gosh!!

I am so excited to show this little project off! Yesterday was ... actually not that productive... but anyway I did achieve one thing and it is AWESOME!

check it out!

New craft space!

I don't know if you may have noticed but when I posted last week about craft rooms, I showed you the first picture above of how my space looks, well I was working on a chest of drawers, which is not too comfy or easy to sew on actually! So Philip and I were discussing getting me a real desk (oh sweet joy!) but then what to do with the drawers and all the stuff in them? So I had the genius idea of taking out the drawers and getting some new shelves for the bedding and towels we were currently storing in the drawers, oh and maybe also creating a new home for all my lovely fabrics too ;D


It is such a simple thing I know but this make me so happy, I can now sew with my legs under a table (!!!) I made up a super cute curtain to hide the mess too. Look how happy my fabric now looks, with breathing space and a home to call its own!

... and lots of room to grow too, don't think I haven't clocked that one!! 

ps. Wondering about the picture behind my lovely new shelves? Yes they are space marines, with guns... fits so well with my cute button jars and flowers in a cowboy kettle right... right!?
It actually pretty much sums up this whole room as unfortunately I am still sharing half the space with Philip's geek room/office thing... but lets pretend I didn't mention that and stare at the pretty fabric some more! ok!!

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  1. Now, I am just a bit jelly over all those lovely fabrics!
    toni x