Where Jenny Went: Lakes 2012


Here is part two of our little break up in the lakes! (you can find part one here). As you will be able to tell from these pictures, we were not so lucky with the weather for the last two days! But I kind of don't mind the rain when you're all suited up in your waterproofs, walking boots and dog walking clothes, plus it makes everything just that little bit more green and fresh looking! 

(hehe trying to get Kara to go in the hollow tree... as you can tell from her stance, she was having none of it!)

(taken with Photosynth for iPhone - on your phone it makes a 360, or 180 degree photo you can move around!)

On this particular day, Philip and I walked around Derwent Water, got the launch (boat) back to the other side, and saw on the way some bunting and tents in the trees!? So we walked down to Friars Cragg to investigate and found this going on!! ....

It was all to celebrate Octavia Hill, one of the founders of the National Trust

The idea behind this 'Forest of Delights' exhibition was to highlight Hill's desire for outdoor living spaces for everyone, and her campaign - which she defended all her life - for our outdoor spaces to stay exactly as they are. I found this little quote from her on Wikipedia:

 "I think we want four things. Places to sit in, places to play in, places to stroll in, and places to spend a day in."

I couldn't agree more!

<3  6 years today!  <3