Wish List: Colours


So continuing with my colours theme for my little weekly wish lists, this week I was day dreaming about pretty blue things.....

I adore blue, almost any shade and with almost any item, if its blue - I am drawn to it! 

One of the first things I bookmarked were these pretty blue dresses from ModCloth. I have had my eye on the last one - Bavarian Beauty for aaaages! And the first one - When the Night Comes is just beautiful! 

I love a good bird print! So a cute blue bird necklace? yes please!

Came across this little lovely while browsing Etsy a while back, those are my initials! like it was made just for me....

Blue rose seeds!!? love love love!

How pretty is this blue house? Why can't we have pretty big houses like this in the UK, this is just amazing!

OH my gosh!

This diamond cushion is just plain awesome! their shop too was a good find!

Hope your having a nice day! One of my boys is not feeling too good so I am off to the vets this morning before work... I hate the vets :(

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  1. So much blue! This are just too beautiful! I love the first dress so much<3!