What Jenny Did: Sponsorship!


What did I do indeed!!? Jenny took one small step in the blogging world, on giant leap for herself!! 

I only went and sponsored another blog! Thats right, I really put my little blog out there for all to see and I am so excited and proud of myself! I really do love my blog and the difference it has made to my life (yeah I really just said that...!). The whole community is just so nice and I am so glad to be a part of it, and really kicking myself that I did not do this sooner! :)

So this month I am sponsoring one of my favourite blogs, One Sheepish Girl

If you have never visited One Sheepish Girl, then you really should, right now! I love Meredith's blog, it was such a pleasure to stumble upon. Not that all bloggers aren't real people, but I really admired and connected with what Meredith had to say, her posts are always so honest and nice. Her blogging for confidence series was a huge inspiration to me when I was just a quiet little reader, before launching my own baby in to the world wide web. If your into knitting, crochet, baking, books, crafts, etsy, very pretty things and so on (which I am sure you are if your a blogger or blog follower ;D ) then there is nothing on her blog that you will not enjoy! Look here to see what Meredith says about her self, on her about me page. 

You can find her awesome Etsy shop, Sheepish Knit Crochet, here

and some very cute tutorials here.

I really am very happy and proud to be sponsoring such an amazing blog!

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  1. Hooray! I did notice your lovely little button on there :-) A fantastic choice, one of my faves too x