InstaLove #2

Helloooooo June!

At the start of May I decided to do a photo a day via Instagram, not realising that there were actual templates to follow, and getting pretty lucky with my first shot - it just happen to fit in with that days theme, what are the chances!? 

This is the one I followed

I have so loved doing this, but sadly didn't quite get to finish it, however I will definitely be doing this again in a couple of months time. I have loved seeing everyone else's photos - y'know what I'm not going to lie, I just love Instagram actually so anything to get me even more obsessed involved is A-OK with me! 

Heres my (almost) finished Photo A Day May!

So, I am not sure if you can tell but basically I made it up to '12 o'clock' ! I actually am quite glad I never had to do 'your personality'... really how do you capture that in one photo!?

If you would like to follow me I'm 'themagicfeather'


  1. Great Pics! I'm doing June, but sometimes I find it quite tricky to find interesting things x

  2. Posts like this make me really wish I had instagram - haha!

  3. "If you're a bird, I'm a bird" -AH! Love it. I had to look up what that was from because it rang a bell! :)

    Lovely photos. I'm an instagram nut!

    1. I know it is just the best thing ever right!?

      and I just had to with that bird one ;D

      Jen xx