Where Jenny Went: Lakes 2012

Hi There!

Oh dear, oh dear.... this was not how June was supposed to plan out. I was perfectly organised, honest! But I really do get in a muddle when I have been away, it takes me ages to catch up again, so bare with me please!

Yes yes, so I have been and come back from (not so) sunny Cumbria and thought I would share a few little pictures with you this evening!

Every year Philip and I head to the Lakes around this time for our annual camping trip, although due to bad weather last year we decided to B&B it, and loved it so much we decided to do the same again this year!! As much as I do love to camp, you can not beat the luxury of a cozy bed after a long jaunt around the lakes!

 (taken with Photosynth for iPhone, it looks so much better on my phone...)

More in Part 2 next week

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