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I thought I would share with you some of my birthday goodies today! It was a bit of an odd birthday this one, 29.... the one before the big *whispers it* 3-0! the last of my 20's :( I have so enjoyed my 20's too. Sad times....

My amazing extended family threw me a little party, despite all overcoming a huge personal loss. I can not say it enough, I am extremely lucky to have 'wed' into such a close, loving and just plain awesome bunch of people. Plus with my family, it just makes it harder and harder to say goodbye to them each time as they are all in Carlisle and us down here in Cambridge.

But hey ho.... back to topic! Presents!! :D I was very lucky with my gifts - I specifically asked for handmade goodies (yes I still make requests as I come from people who love to buy, and thus need ideas!) But I have everything my little heart desires right now, so handmade lovelies are just perfect :) thats all they will be getting from me this year ;D

Yey! Books!! The first is a book about The Lanes in Carlisle. Basically a pretty grim place to be, so they knocked them all down and built a little shopping centre on top instead :) Im kind of a Carlisle history geek! The second is from my sister.... for my big plans ;D and the third I have wanted for sooo long and received from a colleague. YES!!

Awesome biscuit from The Biscuiteers! check them out now! Plus it was scruuuuuummy!

Cool little boxes of goodies from the besties, with handmade bacon and egg earrings! too cute!!

la piece de resistance! Hand made by my mum! awesome :D

Plus she also made me this lovely!

 And finally a little personal touch that I am quite petrified to wear, but too touched not to wear every single day :) from Philip and my lovely second mummy. Love, love, love!

I am a very lucky lady :)

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  1. Looks like you had a great birthday! I will be joining you with thee big 3-0 next year (shh am kind of having a crisis about it!).

    I also got the Craft Business Handbook & have found it very useful so far. Would be good to hear your thoughts when you get around to it.

    Happy Belated Birthday! x