Makes and Bakes: Fabric Obsession


I was working all weekend so no makes to share with you today - sad face :( 

However I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you all something that I am very passionate about, and am amassing quiiiiite a nice little collection of indeed! My fabric!!

I photographed it all a while ago, just for fun mostly and a way to catalogue... as you do! I grouped them in to types or prints to best show them off!

- Beatrix Potter - Birds - Funny Animals - Large Flowers - 

 - Very Hungry Caterpillar - Stars - Spots - Bugs - 

- Flowers - Birds and Flowers - Fruit and Veg - Cath Kidston - 

- City - Toys - Bikes - City close up - 

- Dutch - New Ones! - new most loveliest Beatrix Potter I ever did find - Transport - 


  1. Oh, such lovely fabrics! The Beatrix Potter ones are beautiful - especially the blue and white in the top picture. Looking forward to seeing what they're all made into!

  2. I thought immediately of Anna (above) when I saw the Beatrix Potter collections. Lovely fabrics! I love the bicycle one :-)

    *Now goes to hide in shame at the state of my fabric collection* (not organised or ironed at all)


    1. Well, I think you can see mine is hardly ironed! haha! it is very fun to organise though, and erm... yeah I really MUST make some things... I just can't bring myself to use them though, they're too pretty!

      Jen xx